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Lamination behind acrylic glass – impactful, high quality, perfect

Many photographers present their photos behind acrylic glass because acrylic glass pictures are undoubtedly among the noblest forms of modern picture presentation. A giclée print is laminated behind acrylic glass with a special, clear silicone and sealed with millimetre precision – comparable to the well-known Diasec®.

The lamination behind acrylic glass gives the image exceptional plasticity, brilliant depth, and contrast.
Furthermore, at Officina Fotografica, we also ensure a long life for your work by additionally stabilising the photo on a suitable Alu-Dibond backing. This makes your print durable and dimensionally stable.

Noble acrylic glass with modern fine art printing technique

The photo is not printed directly onto the acrylic glass but onto special Fine Art paper, which is particularly suitable for use behind acrylic glass.
Especially with the refinement of HAHNEMÜHLE papers, the Giclée pigment printing process achieved awe-inspiring results in colour differentiation and colour depth. For photorealistic results, we use many bright additional colours and up to 4 different shades of black in addition to the primary CMY base colours. Since printing on Fine Art paper is particularly rich in detail, even the largest acrylic glass images have excellent acuity and depth of detail.

The final result is a perfect unity of sturdy rear panel, most modern giclée printing and acrylic glass that will undoubtedly do justice to its use in galleries, for advertising purposes or even in the private sphere.

Lamination behind acrylic glass in the individual format of your choice

You can get your acrylic glass picture in any standard or desired format and with individual cutting (minimum DIN A4 up to a maximum of 160 cm on the narrow side). Simply ask for your individual desired format for your print!

After professional lamination behind acrylic glass, we provide each photo with an aluminium profile frame on the back. This means your work is ready for immediate use and can be installed on the wall.

Different surfaces for different requirements

For your giclée print behind acrylic glass, you have the choice between the following surfaces:
high gloss
scratch-resistant high gloss by RÖHM*
non-reflective museum acrylic from Trulife TruVue Museum Acrylic®**

What are the advantages of laminating your photo behind acrylic glass?

  • Ideally suited for modern image presentation in galleries.
  • Our work is carried out with the highest precision and care.
  • Due to the lamination behind acrylic glass and the stabilisation by an Alu-Dibond rear panel, you receive a particularly durable and high-quality product.
  • The lamination behind acrylic glass protects your photo from dust, dirt, and impurities.
  • Achieves a high-quality and noble effect.
  • The combination of the latest Fine Art printing technology and acrylic glass achieves particularly sharp results with a brilliant depth effect.


Other alternatives to lamination behind acrylic glass

Tastes are different, and the future location of your print may have specific requirements. Of course, we offer you various possibilities to skilfully set the scene for your Giclée Fine Art print.
In addition to lamination behind acrylic glass, we also offer professional lamination under white or museum glass, lamination on an Alu-Dibond carrier plate or giclée printing on canvas.

We at Officina Fotografica look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to advise you!

* RÖHM Material Details:
Uniformly bright and pin-sharp images are made possible by PMMA sheets with optical functionalities, high light transmission and distribution, especially in display applications. The one-sided surface coating of PLEXIGLAS® Optical scratch-resistant coat (HC) offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

** Trulife TruVue Museum Acrylic®:
The one-sided non-reflective acrylic glass Trulife® gives art and photography a modern look with brilliant colours and a lifelike appearance that other acrylic products cannot compete with. This standard is achieved by the proprietary anti-reflective coating, which creates an almost invisible surface and eliminates disruptive light reflections as well as inconvenient glare effects from other acrylic sheets. And unlike other acrylic panes that quickly catch dust and scratch, TruLife™ is anti-static and scratch-resistant. A truly brilliant idea!


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